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Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a "Golden". He can show you more honest love with the flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes.

- Gene Hill

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 Sunrise Golden's Farm

Welcome to Sunrise Goldens' Farm.. Home of the Country's Finest Dog..

The Golden Retriever..

First, let me tell you about about this breed. The Purebred Golden Retriever

98% of Goldens crave your love and will return it fully and heartily the rest of your and their life. (We guarantee it )

They are bred to be a life-companion, your closest friend. And provide therapy in any form. Loving is what a Golden does best. (No other breed does it as well as the Golden Retriever) that is our 'biased opinion"

You are always welcome to come and see our Goldens and our facilities. Please email us at to set up a time to visit. We are always open to welcome visitors from Monday through Saturday 7 am till 9 pm. Always closed on Sundays, as that is ment to be a day of rest for all. 

Our Golden Retrievers loves to receive visitors and greet you even before we do. We try to do the best we can in pleasing our customers. We breed the best of the best and our number one goal is to have 100% happy customers and repeat customers.

That starts with happy Goldens here on the farm. Obedience and a firm, loving hand are very essential in a great Goldens life. They crave your command but first of your love and your attention.

Our puppies are usually house-trained before they go to their forever homes at 7-8 weeks of age. The moms wean them off at 5-6 weeks of age.

There is nothing more rewarding than an 8 week old puppy snuggled in your arms and just totally trusting in you. 

So feel free to come and visit our beautiful farm here in southwest Wisconsin we call home, Sunrise Goldens Farm. We do have other animals on our farm that you are welcome to visit with also. We have a 50 cow dairy, 8 mules, 4 driving horses and a pony. The Goldens are more than happy to share their home with you.

From all of us here at Sunrise Goldens,


Home: About
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