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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the waitlist process work?

Sometimes there are just more puppy lovers than the number of fur babies we have available so we’ve developed a waitlist and reservation process. Here’s how it works. We maintain a waitlist of customers that would like a puppy in the order that we are contacted by email. When puppies become available, we contact waitlist customers (in order) to see if they would like to reserve a puppy. Six puppies per litter (three males and three females) become available for reservations five weeks before the litter is due.  Additional puppies may become available when a litter arrives or when a reservation is cancelled. Deposits for reserved puppies are accepted when the puppy is born. Email us at with your name and phone number to be added to the waitlist. You are welcome to contact us by text message, Facebook Messenger, or phone to learn about Sunrise Goldens Farm, find out your position in the waitlist, or for any other reason, but you must email us to be added to the waitlist or to reserve a puppy. The Contact Us page generates an email, so that’s a great way to get on the waitlist. This process helps us ensure that we are being fair to all, especially our puppies! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Do you provide a health guarantee?

What is included in the new puppy kit?

Your new puppy kit includes 2 lbs American Natural Premium puppy food, which is the food your puppy is used to, along with some coupons (you can also get the food from Chewy on line). We also send a litter/mama scented blanket home with you to ease your puppy’s first few days away from his/her littermates and all that is familiar. Give your puppy lots of love and attention and it won’t be long until he/she will accept you and give you all of the love you’ve been wishing for.

Will my puppy be wormed and up-to-date on shots?

Yes. All puppies are wormed weekly are up-to-date on all necessary puppy shots.

Will my puppy be microchipped and declawed?

We do not microchip any of our puppies at this point, but all declaws are removed.

Do you do out of state shipping?

No. We want prospective puppy buyers to meet our dogs and see our facilities. Sorry, no shipping.

Is my puppy going to have papers?

Yes, if you wish. We have AKC registered dogs and a few who are CKC registered, but we also have dogs without any papers but are still purebred golden retrievers. So it is up to the buyer if he/she wants a registered dog.

Are your dogs OFA tested?

We do not do Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) DNA testing but we will stand behind any puppy if found with hip dysplasia or any other degenerative defect. See our Health Guarantee for details.

Is cancer at a young age common with your dogs or puppies?

Cancer is not a common concern with young puppies. It does happen though, so we cannot say it will never happen, because it can and it does but it  is very rare.

What is a golden retrievers average lifespan?

Depending on the love and fresh air they are provided, along with lots of exercise and a healthy diet, a golden retriever may live 10-15 years or more. We wish you the best of luck and a long and happy life with your golden retriever.

Have your dogs been tested for brucellosis?

Yes, our dogs are all tested negative to the dreadful disease.

What do I need to do to get my home ready to adopt a puppy?

  1. Have a quality puppy food on hand. Sunrise Golden’s Farm highly recommends American Natural Premium. We will also send you home with a box containing a small amount of this food and a couple of coupons, plus information where to find it at a fair price.

  2. Have a warm and dry box with newspaper or wood shavings (preferably wood shavings) in it for your puppy to make its mess on the first night. The puppies are comfortable to make any mess on wood shavings, they have a corner of shavings in their box from two weeks old and up. We hope to make it easier for house training this way because the puppy will not like to “go” on a clean floor.

  3. Be prepared that puppies chew on everything including rugs, furniture, laundry, shoes, and many more things. You will need to keep anything chewable out of your puppies reach.

  4. Have plenty of healthy dog treats on hand to reward your puppy when he/she pleases you by obeying.

  5. Be aware! You will fall helplessly in love…your puppy will steal your hearth and your time as well as your shoes and socks! Please take good care of your puppy and give him/her an excellent home. We wish you the best of luck.

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