AKC Registration# SS26191301



Abby will get OFA certified

D.O.B.  4/9/2021

Abby came from Indiana and she is one of the clan. She's a lovely golden color and a bit shy. She loves people and to run and play with the others . She will make a great mother one day. 



AKC Registration#  SS19855403
Height: 26"
Weight: 65 lbs
Aster will get OFA certified
D.O.B. 6/28/2020

Aster is a pure white English Cream Golden. She is an incredibly sweet girl will do anything to please the ones she loves. She is a full sister to "Ace" and "Belle." Aster is very quick to learn and loves to play!



AKC Registration: SS00186502

Height: 21"

Weight: 60 lbs

D.O.B. 6/28/2020

Belle is owned by our son who lives in Darlington and lives with his family there. She is a full sister to Ace and Astrer. She is a pure English Cream Golden. Belle is a bigger girl and very sweet and loving she is good with other dogs and great with children.



AKC Registration: NO

Height: 24"

Weight: 60 lbs

D.O.B.  3/4/2021

Biscuit is owned by our son who lives on the other side of Platteville and lives there with his family. Biscuit is a beautiful traditional golden color, she is a daughter of Lucky and Ranger She is very sweet and loves when the children play with her.



Dee Dees Candy the Second

AKC Registration#  SS00186502

Height: 21"

Weight: 60 lbs

Candy is OFA certified

D.O.B. 6/21/17

Candy came from Shady Lane Kennels at 1 years old and has been a blessing since we got her. Candy is very gentle and sweet. She will soak up all the love she can, and love every minuet of it! She is a dark colored golden with a lovely golden headset. Candy is one of our most loved moms, consider yourself lucky if you get a Candy pup.



Dustin's Princess Diana

AKC Registration: SR94767104

Height: 24"

Weight: 60 lbs

Diana is a sweet and loving girl. She is very docile and a great mom. Quite a few of Diana's puppies are trained therapy dogs and performing very well. Diana is a light colored golden.

Lucky 3-4-21.jpg


Sunrise Golden's Lucky Lady

Height: 21"
Weight: 57 lbs
Registration: NO

Lucky is our son's dog and they live on the north side of Platteville. Lucky is Lilacs’ daughter, and Max is her dad. Lucky is a very unique girl. She has all the good traits that both Lilac and Max have. She is a lover and also very intelligent! Lucky is very good with children and is a proven mother.



AKC Registration: NO

Height: 21"

Weight: 55 lbs

Lulu 2.jpeg
Lilac 2 (1) (1)_edited.jpg


Sunrise Golden's Sweet Lilac

AKC Registration: SR94846102
Height: 21"
Weight: 70 lbs

Lilac is a charm and a "farm favorite." She can always be found  in the barn with the men or "helping" in the fields during the warm months. She is wherever there is people. She is a bird-dog, lap-dog and watch-dog! Lilac has had some awesome litters! Lilac is a beautiful honey-golden color.



Height: 21"

Weight: 70 lbs

Registration: NO

Duchess is a ball of sweetness. She greets everyone with lots of love and even a few kisses. Duchess has very unique and gentle eyes (almost human-like)! She has had some absolutely beautiful puppies! Duchess is a lovely honey-golden color.



AKC Registration: No
Height: 22"
Weight: 65 lbs



Height: 28"

Weight: 78 lbs

Registration: NO

Tracy is a dark golden with a great personality! She lives on a family farm with lots of sweet children and livestock. Tracy is a great mom and raises really kind and gentle pups.



Height: 28"

Weight: 75 lbs

Registrastion: NO

Rosie is a Dark-Red Golden and lives with a family member. She is definitely a farm favorite. The children play with her daily and give her the love she deserves. Rosie truly is a very sweet and lovely girl!

Rosie 2021.jpg
Lexi 2_edited.jpg


AKC Registration: SS15159801
Height: 22"
Weight: 65lbs

Lexi is a Lilac/Ranger daughter. She is highly intelligent and a beautiful Dark-Red Golden. She likes to show off her skills by playing fetch with whoever will give her a minuet of there time! She loves the farm and all its activities.



AKC Registration: SS15712402
Height: 21"
Weight: 70 lbs

Honey is as sweet as her name. She is a lighter "honey" colored Golden. She is truly the sweetest and very calm-natured. She likes to be scratched behind the ears and loves some one-on-one time!

Honey 9-17 - Copy_edited.jpg
Vicky 2.jpg


Height: 21"

Weight: 65lbs

Registration: NO

Vicky is our sons dog. She lives in Darlington, WI on a farm full of children and livestock. She is an extremely sweet and loving girl! Vicky is a light honey colored Golden.



AKC Registration: SS27851601
Height: 24"
Weight: 60 lbs

Pearl is owned by our son here on the farm. Pearl is out of Diana and King. She's smaller for a Golden. She is exceptionally sweet, smart and eager to please.

Pearl 6.jpeg


Height: 26"
Weight: 72lbs
Registration: NO

Rena lives in Darlington with Rosie, Tracy and Max Jr. She is a lighter Golden who is shy until she becomes comfortable with you then she tries to steal all the attention. She is an amazing pet for 6 children and gets along with other animals. She is a proven mother of quality pups. 

Willow 2_edited.jpg


AKC Registration: 
Height: 24"
Weight: 60lbs

Willow is a true honey Golden color. She is shy to start with but warms up quickly. She is a sweetheart and loves everyone.



AKC Registration: 
Height: 26"
Weight: 68 lbs

Sophie is a King daughter and pure English Cream White color. She is a bit shy but loves to be petted and once you are her friend she will love you forever. She is very sweet and full of energy

Sophie 2.jpeg