Lucky 2019.jpg

Sunrise Golden's Lucky Lady (Lucky)

Height: 21"

Weight: 57 lbs

Lucky is Lilacs’ daughter, and Max is her dad. Lucky is a very unique girl. She has all the good traits that both Lilac and Max have. She is a lover and also very intelligent! Lucky is not registered with the AKC.


Dee Dees Candy the Second (Candy)

AKC Registration: SS00186502

Height: 21"

Weight: 60 lbs

Candy is very special. She is exceptionally smart. She tries to do all she can for a pat on her back. She is very gentle and sweet. She is also a very fast learner. Candy is registered with the AKC.

CANDY 2020.jpg
Diana 2019.jpg

Dustin's Princess Diana (Diana)

AKC Registration: SR94767104

Height: 20"

Weight: 54 lbs

Diana is a sweet and loving girl. She is very small for a golden. She is our “shy” one. Yet, she likes to be wherever people are.  Diana is a jewel, we feel honored to own her. Diana is registered with the AKC.


Sunrise Golden's Sweet Lilac (Lilac)

AKC Registration: SR94846102

Height: 21"

Weight: 60 lbs

Lilac is a charm. She is a reddish golden with soft, curly hair. She is one of the spoiled ones, who gets to sleep in the house when its cold. Lilac is a gentle, calm girl. She is registered with the AKC.



AKC or CKC Registration: TBA
Height: 21"
Weight: 48 lbs

Dutchess is our "little dear" she is a Duke and Annie daughter. Duke was our "pirze-Golden" that got hit on the road. He was very dark red and super smart. He sired Duchess and we are very honored that our good friends gave us Dutchess as a gift after Duke died. She has all of Annie's and Duke's good traits. She is calm, easy going and sweet.

Duchess 2019.jpg

Sunset Benjies Elsie

AKC Registration: SS10766205
Height: 22 in
Weight: 55 lbs

Elsie is a King & Lilly duaghter. Super sweet and loving like her dad. She is very good around kids and other dogs.



AKC or CKC Registration: No
Height: 22"
Weight: 60 lbs

Tracy is a tried and true mom. She always raises the best puppies they are always roly ploly and she is so attentive. She is very laid back and loves playing with the 4 little girls that she lives with.



AKC Registration: SS19855403
Weight: 65 lbs

Aster is a pure white English Cream Golden. She is registered with the AKC and is an absolute joy. She enjoys playing with children and is very obedient.



AKC Registration: No
Height: 23"
Weight: 70 lbs

Rosey is a sweetheart. She is medium honey color, a little darker than a typical golden color. She is very sweet and loving and loves when the kids are playing with her. She is has prove to be a great mother.



AKC Registration: Yes

Information coming soon



AKC Registration: Yes
Height: 21"
Weight: 72 lbs

Honey is as sweet as her name. She is very friendly with people and other dogs. The children all love her. She is a great addition to our Sunrise Goldens Family.

Vicky 2.jpg


AKC Registration: No
Height: 21"
Weight: 60lbs

Vicky is a very sweet girl who loves to play with the kids. She is proven to be a great mom. Very kind and caring. She is always happy just like she looks in her picutre.