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Welcome to the lovely rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin. Our farm is located just two miles east of Platteville. We would love to show you golden retriever fans our farm and golden retriever breeding facilities.  We have thirteen precious adult golden retrievers and we are extremely proud of them all.

In the spring, summer, and fall the dogs usually love to sleep on the back porch or lawn at night as close to the back door as possible in order to greet us with a cheery good morning. Saying cheery, I’m talking the wagging tail, barking, jumping, and licking kind of doggie cheer. There is no possible way of starting our day out grouchy or glum if you leave the house through the back door in the morning. In the winter months they have a couple of different options, if it is extremely miserable outside, they might be allowed to sleep in the house, very rarely though, otherwise there is the heated calf barn or constable where they can sleep.

The dogs are kept on the farm by an out of sight fencing system that gives them about six acres of space. For the whelping facilities there is a 16-foot-long by 8-foot-wide walk-in insulated building with infrared puppy heaters. This building contains two whelping boxes and a pen for 4-week-old or older puppies which also allows the older puppies to play outside in a little pasture.

The chore or taking care of these little dears is a sought-after chore, as it is without a question the best thing to do on the whole farm. With daily cleaning, feeding, watering, bedding, and the upkeep of shots and wormer, there are hours of fun to be spent in this little house, daily. Our puppies are usually onto dry food by six weeks old. They are offered clean water by two weeks old and free choice of solid food by four weeks old. When the puppies turn two weeks old, they will also start to eat solid food. This takes a tremendous load off of their mam and also helps the puppy to grow faster. We highly recommend American Natural Premium dog food. We feed that brand free choice to all of our dogs. Since we started our dogs have softer hair, leaner bodies, more energy, and just better overall health.

We do not believe in line or inbreeding.  Our sire and dam are never related to our knowledge.

If you wish to come and meet us on Sunrise Golden’s Farm and see our puppies or meet our dogs, please email us at to schedule a date and time. We will be more than happy to meet you and show off our Golden Retriever clan.

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Sunrise Golden’s Farms

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